Baldachin Canopy Bali Style CoCo 200x200 incl. 4 tassles

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Bali Baldachin „Bali Style CoCo“ | B2oo H22o L200 |

inclusive BambooTassel Set free.

This attractive canopy in cream white comes, with a decorative board in the bed sky – it is sewn by repeatedly folded substance and with Cocos Buttons as additional decoration. The bamboo poles are not included

Size : 200cm x 200cm Height: 220cm
Material: Cotton, unbleached,
Washable at 30C delicate wash
Color: Natural cream white

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Turn not only your place to sleep in a four poster bed ... also for the cozy spots for outdoor use - as mosquito repellent or just cozy dreams, cuddle and relax in your own favorite corner.

You can choose the tassels (tiebacks) to fit your style of living. Available in:
Wood - Holz
Ornament - Ornament
Mussel brown- Muschel
Mussel green - Muschel grün
bamboo - Bambus -
Rattan- Rattan

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Baldachin Canopy Bali Style CoCo 200x200 incl. 4 tassles

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QUALITY The careful processing of this product is decisively for the high quality besides select nature materials (cotton). FASTENING The baldachin contains instep cords to the fastening at every corner. For four-poster beds with rack very well suitable as over-throw. BAMBOO POLES The bamboo poles are only one of many decorating options - and available from our trading partners. We enclose the cover address for you.


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